Coffee Talk: NTC’s PerfectDocs is the perfect solution for the preparation & recording of lien release & assignment of mortgage documents.


PerfectDocs provides for a completely paperless process anywhere eRecord is available

Outsourcing or hiring in-house compliance experts are no longer the only options for servicers who need help handling lien releases and assignment of mortgage documents. With the use of PerfectDocs technology, virtually anyone can prepare, validate, execute, notarize and even record these documents within minutes without compromising the integrity or validity of the document. Nationwide Title Clearing has invested more than 31 years of experience, knowledge and technology into creating PerfectDocs, the first complete web-based solution that provides both NTC and users with a “share-the-work” solution.

PerfectDocs provides for a completely paperless process anywhere eRecord is available. From when the order opens to the release being recorded, users never have to print a piece of paper or cut a check for recording. Instead, all execution is safely electronic while capturing the notary log for record keeping and compliance.

Benefits of PerfectDocs include:

  • Tech-enabled, anywhere, secure, web-based platform
  • Satisfies DRBC requirements
  • Compliant with State /County Regulations
  • Enables operational control to balance units, geographies or loan types for in or outsource, without additional contracting
  • Built-in exception-handling for Full-Service assistance by NTC professionals
  • Provides system-of-record for internal and external audits
  • Control and speed for urgent document production needs

Data entry is a separate function and can be completed with client staff or offshore partners. All management queues can assign work by hard states versus easy states or what suits the employee. Quality inspection after data entry can be customized to account for new employees or experts with low error rates.

Clients using PerfectDocs tend to take advantage of the hybrid model, which allows them to share the working environment. While clients complete orders from start to finish, they always have a safety net with NTC available to complete orders or pieces of orders with additional services. NTC can do the heavy lifting with recording paper releases by attaching cover sheets and recording fee checks, mailing recorded releases to borrowers, or handling the cancellations and mailing the original collateral.

The PerfectDocs platform allows for use of NTC’s full-service options, with the ability to transfer work to NTC for any reason the client needs, such as overflow, business continuity or disaster recovery.

PerfectDocs is fully compliant with state, county and MERS regulations. NTC manages state timeframes for lien releases, data requirements, forms and recording fees, so clients no longer have to be experts in that space for over 3,600 recording jurisdictions.

Clients can manage work within the system by compliance deadlines or custom SLA requirements calculated at import. If an increase in volume becomes an issue, they’re able to push orders to NTC to be processed to maintain overall compliance. And to simplify future auditing requirements, the PerfectDocs system hosts all information to complete the order, including a history of the order and an image of the recorded document.

PerfectDocs is the only system backed by the same engine that successfully processes large numbers of releases and assignments by NTC. Immediate state and county updates, as well as accurate recording fee calculations, drive NTC’s reject rate of less than .5%.

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