Thought Leadership: The Underestimated Tools that Fuel Sales

Great company management works to consistently ensure growth, and as the CEO, it is my passion to lead my team in a way that allows them to grow our company. My tools are corporate culture, vision, motivation, excellent training departments and, high-level public relations.

I learned many of these tools, years ago when I was in my first executive position. I was serving as Director of Market Research & Planning for a large software company. I was fortunate to work alongside true mentors who introduced me to the most underestimated tools in most companies.

I say most companies because many do not have an internal public relations department. But I learned in that important job that effective public relations is one of the most common entry point for prospects who will one day become great clients. The underestimated tool fuels higher sales.

I have always been a strong believer in implementing strategic PR efforts and hiring top PR experts from around the nation to focus on our company’s strategies, values, and goals. Over the years, it has continued to contribute to our financial growth and positive awareness in the mortgage servicing industry.

There are many companies that are stuck in a rut. Doing the same things is the opposite of a successful expansion formula. That is because the world does not stay static. It changes every day and if you do not change with it, you will be left behind. What worked yesterday rarely works tomorrow so you have to change.

Nevertheless, how will your customers and prospects know that you are changing? Effective communications, PR strategies, and social media marketing.

I have consistently seen significant company growth when we increase our public relations spend three to 10 times. Yes, that’s a 10X increase in our PR spend. However, you must expand outreach across multiple and defined channels to be effective.

How do I get a board of directors to agree to that kind of an increase when PR ROI is incredibly difficult to calculate? Well, that is where the sleight of hand comes in. I will tell you about that next time.

John Hillman, CEO -Nationwide Title Clearing, inc.

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