Thought Leadership: Putting the Long Term First

One of the challenges today’s leaders face is that virtually all are also called upon to manage. Many managers are great leaders, but not all. Similarly, many visionary leaders spend so much time in the day-to-day that they fail to effectively share a vision that keeps the team moving beyond the short term objectives.

In my opinion, this is one of the most important differences between good leaders and great ones. Great leaders are good managers who can remain cognizant of the firm’s progress toward short term goals without ever taking their eyes off the long term vision.

It’s a mistake for a leader to get so deep in the weeds that they are no longer able to look up and focus on the long term vision for the company or to identify new trends that will impact the team’s ability to realize that vision.

That’s why any industry’s best leaders surround themselves with great people who can manage the day-to-day in pursuit of the clear vision provided by the CEO. I’m very fortunate to be working with an award-winning team of executives who have been repeatedly recognized by third parties for their expertise and professionalism.

This allows me to focus on the long term objectives that will ultimately allow us to bridge from our very successful niche into additional segments of the industry. It won’t be the first time we’ve accomplished that and, if I do my job right, it certainly won’t be the last.

It’s the job of the leader to put the long term first. The most successful can do that because they have built a strong team that can focus on the day-to-day tasks that will keep the company moving toward that goal.

– John Hillman, CEO

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