Thought Leadership: How We Make a Difference

It’s been said that companies are either growing or they are dying. I understand the pursuit of growth and the good it can bring to both the company and those it serves, but there are more important things than growth for its own sake.

Growing the business is important, of course. We understand this, which is why we’ve made Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest growing private companies, the Inc 5000, five times since 2012. But growth has been the result of our efforts, not the goal itself.

One of our most important goals, stated plainly, has been to make a difference.

When I look back over what we have accomplished in the 12 years I’ve been leading this great team, I see three areas that make me extremely proud.

First, we played a significant role in cleaning up the mess our industry found itself in immediately following the financial crash of 2007-2008. After years of record high mortgage loan volume and substandard document custody practices, the default process sent mortgage servicers spiraling out of control.

When defaults rose from a few percent of loans in portfolio to one in ten loans nationwide, servicers and their default management teams found themselves operating in the dark. Our team was able to quickly create standardized services and document research protocols that met the industry’s needs that are still in use today.

In the process, we accomplished something else that makes me very proud. Working through the financial downturn and the subsequent foreclosure crisis allowed NTC to evolve from a small shop providing a few simple services into a major player, known throughout the industry for exceptional service and innovative solutions.

Growth alone is never enough to evolve a company. It takes much more than that.

Finally, I’m so proud of the exponential expansion in community giving that has flowed out from the people who work with me in this company. The level of involvement we see with our staff at NTC exceeds that of any other company I know. Much of this was due to our dedicated managers focusing attention on the small acts of kindness they see from their teams and then magnifying that.

Today, we actively support 18 different charities of all types throughout the Tampa Bay area. That makes it extremely easy to come to work every day.

Growth is a byproduct of making a difference, for our people, our community and the people we serve. As we continue to grow, I’ll make sure we don’t lose sight of that.

– John Hillman, CEO

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