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Property Reports

We have a perfect solution for you. Whether you need just one search or have a bulk order.

With extensive digital access to county records as well as a national abstractor network, NTC property report and title search services get you fast accurate results with competitive pricing. Whether for servicing, secondary or capital markets, our many search types and reports are customized or combined to suit your needs.

NTC Offers These Reports And More:

Current Owner Search

Foreclosure Report

30 or 40 Year Title Search

Investor Report

Aged Lien Status

Legal and Vesting

Assignment Verification Reports (AVRs)

New Mortgage Lien Verification

Bankruptcy/Involuntary Lien

Tax Status

Discover Four Ways To Use Property Records To Uncover Hidden Risks

This paper is designed to give step-by-step guidance on how to use property records to ensure a clear title conveyance and reduce the risk of buyback or inability to foreclose.