Post-Close Final Document Processing

'One Touch’ Processing for All of Your Life-of-Loan Collateral Needs

In today’s highly regulated environment, ensuring that collateral files are complete and error-free is the first step in protecting investments and reducing the overall cost of servicing and the associated risk factors during the life of the loan. NTC’s dedicated team of subject matter experts incorporates industry best practices by partnering with our clients and the leading document custodians to make document collection and delivery an efficient and effective process.

Not only will partnering with us save time and money, but we will also mitigate life-of-loan issues and downstream related expenses. As a leading post-close services provider, we partner with you to strategically build a complete trailing document process that fits your needs.

Our dedicated team of subject matter experts incorporate industry best practices to mitigate life-of-loan issues.

Our Services Include:


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