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PerfectDocs® is a user-friendly, web-based platform that enables servicers and investors to efficiently manage a payoff process or an assignment of mortgage workflow for MERS® and non-MERS loans using their own resources. Leveraging NTC’s 30+ years of experience, users can create, review, fully execute, record and track all documents required for payoffs, default requirements and/or loan transfers. eRecord coverage is maximized with NTC’s partnership and integration with ICE’s Simplifile® platform. With approximately 87% eRecord coverage, the user experience is most often paperless.

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In 2023, PerfectDocs was among the Covius solutions recognized as part of HousingWire’s Tech100 award. The client-driven platform provides intuitive data entry and continuously updated rules that ensure compliance with state, county and MERS requirements. Once the data entry is complete, PerfectDocs creates compliant, property-specific forms, calculates recording fees and facilitates eRecording where available – all in one system.

Users have the option of eRecording, printing out and sending to record themselves or leveraging NTC’s share-the-work options to manage any paper processes, including statutory notices or borrower mailings. All documents are tracked for 100% recordation, providing a complete system of record for any future scrutiny.

With the PerfectDocs share-the-work environment, volume can be easily shifted to NTC’s Full Service team while retaining sight of all paid-in-full loans, loans in default or loans related to a loan sale or securitization.

PerfectDocs offers a seamless client experience, fully integrated with all NTC services to fulfill ancillary requirements including these features and benefits:

  • Assignment chain review and remediation
  • Substitution of Trustee services
  • Secure custodial services for your payoff collateral
  • Recordation confirmation
  • Recording Fee documentation
  • Access to NTC’s Attorney Network
  • Recorded document shipment and/or borrower mailing services
  • Image delivery and/or hosting

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A Single Solution for ALL Residential Loans & Exceptions

10 of the top 15 largest mortgage servicers use NTC’s Lien Release & 
Assignments PerfectDocs or full-service solution.

Intuitive Workflow and Share-the-Work Model Reduces Transaction Risk

PerfectDocs’ share-the-work model keeps the workflow process fluid and mitigates payoff compliance risk for servicers and transaction risk for capital markets investors.

25-30% of loan payoffs present transaction risk.
A recent study of loan payoffs where a lien release was being prepared revealed a 30% exception rate in servicer images with a risk severity rate averaging 1.9 on a scale of 1-3 (with 3 being worst).

Within this group, 92% of the loans with exceptions required data and work outside the doc prep system to obtain the missing documents or cure the defect. Curing each flagged loan requires unplanned work for the servicer/investor. However, while employing PerfectDocs, the servicer can share the work with NTC’s Full Service team to perfect the supporting documentation and return it to the PerfectDocs platform. This 2-way process keeps business running smoothly, ultimately saving time and money for the client while mitigating the risk of improperly released liens or out-of-compliance documents.

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