NTC Whitepapers

inside nTC’s training paradigm: workforce training

A Comprehensive Look Into NTC’s Rigorous Workforce Training Program and Why You Should Ask Your Vendors About Training

best practices for partnering with a lien release provider

This white paper is written for mortgage servicers that manage the lien release process as a final step in processing mortgage loan payoffs. This report covers best practices for managing third party service providers for the processing of lien release documents, with attention to OOC, CFPB, National Mortgage Settlement and state-specific requirements.

evolution of e-recording : county recorders perspective

Paper has been part of the home finance process since the beginning, but over the past 20 years technologists have been working alongside mortgage lenders to take paper out…

four ways to use property records to uncover hidden risks

This paper is designed to give step-by-step guidance on how to use property records to ensure a clear title conveyance and reduce the risk of buyback or inability to foreclose.

increasing portfolio value & reducing risk by perfecting loan collateral

Every loan has a value at origination. The loan officer makes their commission, and based on the secondary market, the investor pays for a loan in accordance with the underwriting basis for which it was closed…

understanding current assignment verification practices

A Comprehensive Look Into NTC’s Rigorous Workforce Training Program and Why You Should Ask Your Vendors About Training

Due diligence has taken on an entirely different shape in the post financial crisis world. Increasingly, regulators, investors and banking executives are looking deeper into the individual loan files whenever a pool of loans sells, is acquired through merger or is securitized. The industry has come to the realization that if we hope to be successful with a portfolio we purchase, make the most of a new entity we acquire or make the best use of the capital markets to fuel our businesses, we must mitigate all of the risks that are working within that portfolio. These risks are higher for seasoned loans, which are subject to many problems that will be detailed in this paper.

scoring your trailing doc process and tips for efficiency

This white paper is designed to help you score and evaluate your trailing document process and offers helpful tips to improve your process.

assessing collateral risk in the age of digital lending

With the increase in production and changes in regulations and requirements, these issues are becoming even more important. In this White Paper, we will explore collateral risk across five areas, all through the lens of increased digital lending so you can answer the question: Do you know your collateral risk?