NTC Lands Tampa Bay Business Journal’s Fast 50 Award


NTC was recognized by Tampa Bay Business Journal for being one of the top 50 fastest growing companies in Tampa Bay.

Company:  Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc.
Location: Palm Harbor
Industry: Document services for the mortgage industry.
How would you describe what your company does to a friend or family member who may not know? Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. is a research and document service provider in the residential mortgage industry for over 25 years. We provide services to most of the nation’s largest mortgage lenders, servicers and investors and our documents are recorded in over 3,600 county jurisdictions nationwide. 

What are some key accomplishments/statistics your company has achieved in the past 12 months? 

    • Lowest document error rates and highest ever production rates in our 26-year history
    • Sustained level of electronic recordings at 75 percent (called e-recording)
    • Unprecedented level of community volunteer activities and hours served

Are you currently hiring? If so, how many positions and what types? Yes, NTC has essentially been growing for the last seven years straight and at an epic pace. NTC currently has a need for 56 new team members that span 27 different positions across every division of the company. Just a snapshot of these include account executives, data entry specialist, business analysts, file auditors, document review specialists and sales executives.

What makes your company a fun place to work? Our culture is best described as inclusive and dynamic. We offer a wellness incentive program and pay for employee gym memberships, extended vacation time, and three or more annual team-building events a year. We treat our team to lunch and snacks at least once a month, we recognize tenure and host monthly longevity parties in honor of our team members. At the end of the day, we strive to achieve a balance of family atmosphere while remaining professional and exceptional at what we do. 
What is your outlook for the Tampa Bay economy in the years ahead? Tampa Bay is experiencing a renaissance of growth, not only in business, but in culture and community. There appears to be a movement to expand within high-profit industries including technology driven by exceptional thought leaders. NTC is proud to be a big part of that.
Describe your company in one word: Versatile

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