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Nationwide Title Clearing, inc. (NTC) designed this page to keep our clients informed on how the current events with COVID-19 may be affecting NTC.

The covid-19-related closure may mean that the county has stopped processing of physical (paper) recordings, e-recordings, or both.

NTC will do our best to ensure we provide information on what closures in specific counties mean to you. if the county has stopped processing of e-recordings, it may be possible to still submit documents into the e-recording system for review once the county opens again.

It will be NTC’s mission to continue to deliver documents to e-recording systems as soon as possible.

  • Monitoring of county status of closure or limitations with appropriate handling of documents to be recorded.
  • Updated and re-issued, for mandatory reading, pertinent pandemic, infectious disease control and communicable diseases policies and procedures.
  • Mandatory cleaning of all workstations twice a day.
  • HR notification of any employee with symptoms and procedure in place to handle with care.
  • Increased supply orders and distribution of disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies and tissues.
  • Virus education material distributed to employees.
  • Work from home implemented for employees where it is not critical that they be physically on campus.
  • Suspended all work travel from NTC.
  • Suspended all client and vendor visits to NTC.
  • Isolated critical operations components from rest of company population and minimizing or eliminating physical interaction.
  • Pandemic plans for critical vendors verified and validated daily.
  • Increased hiring allocations to allow for additional volumes to assist our clients with their own business continuity actions.

Some counties are closed completely and some are closed just to the public, operating with a skeleton crew. ntc is still sending paper and e-recorded documents to be recorded.

NTC will be sending e-records and if the county is not processing e-records, the electronic documents will be queued up either with NTC’s vendor or with the county’s third-party portal vendor, depending on the connection type.

NTC is holding documents that cannot be e-recorded only if the office is closed.

NTC took this action to ensure that no documents and recording fee checks are lost track of during the county closures and to avoid receiving undeliverable mail back from the post office if we were to send at this time.

If you have any orders affected, you will see these in a “sent to record” status on your reports to show that your document was prepared and ready to be recorded on time. currently, the amount of documents that fall into this category is very small and we are monitoring the status of the counties over the next few days to determine which counties are opened back up so the documents can be sent.

If the closures continue long term we could look at different options to identify these.

There has not been a negative impact on ntc’s client services division. your client service representative is available during our n ormal operating hours. national account executives and sales executives are all working remote and available to you throughout the day.