Lien Release Preparation

Lien Release Services with Industry-leading 99.8% Compliant Track Record

In a complete or partial outsource environment, or simply as a trusted partner and support/back-up provider, NTC’s lien release processing and management services include a full-service solution for preparing and recording the documentation to cancel a mortgage as the final step in the payoff or charge-off process.

NTC is an expert at managing state and county lien release requirements, regulations and forms for more than 3,600 recording jurisdictions that change on a regular basis. We have a less than 1% rejection rate on both assignments and releases. We handle everything from regulation and forms to preparation, execution, notarization and recording, so you can focus on growing your business. NTC’s experienced team can build a lien release process customized for your needs and budget.

lien release preparation

Lien Release Services:

PerfectDocs®, created by NTC, is the first complete web-based solution that provides both NTC and users a “share the work” solution. This solution enables the creation and tracking necessary to complete lien release and assignment documents, review, execute, notarize those documents and send those documents to counties for recordation. Learn More


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