Document Custody

Comprehensive Tech-enabled File Storage & Inventory Control

Your collateral is safe and available, both physically and electronically, at all times.

NTC has made substantial investments in a high-tech, secure facility that was built with years of experience in document custody. We ensure that your collateral is safe and available both physically and electronically at all times. Process flows for file intake and file pull/ship were built to accommodate the accelerated demands of today’s tech-enabled environment.

Inventory File & Review

With a capacity of up to two million files, NTC’s vault satisfies custodial requirements including:

Comprehensive Document Tracking

NTC has integrated tracking the receipt and status of files and documents across all services. Therefore, if an order is received for any ancillary service, the status of the collateral file will be considered and then updated accordingly. This integration will maintain an accurate record of all loans at all times regardless of their disposition.

Trailing Documents

NTC images and indexes every document received. This information is then updated to each loan record to reflect not only receipt, but also the impact to the collateral exception report and the status of the file. This process is also responsible for making sure that the image file retained by NTC is an exact match to the paper file at all times.

Imaging & Indexing

NTC has both in-house and on-location imaging services that not only support the contracted services, but also special projects as needed. NTC will integrate with the servicer’s and/or buyer’s imaging platform to provide images of both collateral files and curative documents in a format that can be easily ingested.

Is your custody process complete? Why settle for just file storage and inventory of collateral when NTC can offer a complete solution when combined with other NTC services.


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