Collateral File Review and Remediation


NTC provides complete collateral file review and remediation services. Whether looking to securitize, sell or retain loans NTC has flexible service packages that cater to specific portfolios, investors and objectives.
The key to efficiently manage any loan’s disposition is perfect collateral. Files are first reviewed by a team of trained professionals, then NTC cures any exceptions by utilizing our document research and retrieval methods to bring the files up to a transferable standard. This all contributes to making more informed decisions when securitizing or transferring loans.
With the review and inventory process, you will be able to:
  • Validate and maintain accurate data
  • Restore defective collateral documents
  • Identify servicing data discrepancies through our quality control process 
  • Recover or replace any documents that should exist in the collateral file
IMAGING AND INDEXING: NTC has both in-house and on-location imaging services that not only support the contracted services, but also support special projects as needed. NTC will integrate with servicer’s and/or buyer’s imaging platform to provide images of both collateral files and curative documents in a format that can be easily ingested.

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