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New Technology Accelerates Fix-and-Flip Buying and Lending

Danny Byrnes

As seen in REI-Ink’s December Issue Ultra-tight inventory, strong demand and generationally low interest rates are the tailwinds driving today’s record home price appreciation. While these factors have created new opportunities for fix-and-flip investors and their lenders, they have also created new challenges. Properties that used to be on the market for weeks, now go […]

Maintaining a Relationship with a Client Throughout a Project

We have a very unique sales and client services structure here at NTC. Due to the fact that many of the services we offer are quite complex, we have not had much success in finding opportunity, closing a new project then moving onto the next opportunity. Working within this structure, I have found that people […]

Why a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Program is Critical to a Company’s Culture

Since last May’s protests over the death of George Floyd, companies nationwide have put a bigger emphasis on diversity and inclusion. Corporate leaders have begun investing in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work now more than ever, and are implementing policies that create equity and foster inclusion for underrepresented minorities. Regardless of what beliefs you may […]

Coffee Talk with John Hillman: Retaining Your Best People

Retaining willing and able staff requires consistent organizational adaptation. Diversity and Inclusion, engagement, work-life balance, flexible schedules, and aggressive work-from-home programs were scarcely known or even scorned ten years ago. An organization must constantly adapt to how they treat and engage their employees, lest lose them to a greener pasture just down the road. Something […]


When I was first offered a sales position 29 years ago, I had never sold anything in my life. That’s ok they told me because your knowledge of mortgage banking and your ability to establish relationships, along with just being an all-around good person will be the backbone of your success. My back is a little tired […]

NTC’s Creative Point of View

Let’s be honest, the mortgage servicing industry isn’t known for creativity. Whether you’re scrolling through industry-related websites or walking around exhibitor booths at conferences and expos, you find yourself in a sea of serif fonts, stock photos of homes, and saturated blues and greys. There is nothing inherently wrong with branding that follows industry norms. […]

NTC Honors Black History Month

NTC is committed to actively supporting and incorporating Diversity & Inclusion efforts within the company year-round. NTC’s commitment to diversity includes multiple partnerships with community and national organizations such as; Boys and Girls Club of Tampa Bay, Big Brother Big Sisters, NAACP, Foster Care organizations, and more. Our partnerships allow us an opportunity to involve […]


Coordination between State and County Offices and the Mortgage Industry Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) is in a unique position seated between the mortgage industry and state and county government entities when it comes to the recordability of mortgage related documents. Each have their own requirements and needs that don’t always agree with each other. When […]

Maintaining Community Outreach (Safely) During and After COVID-19

How do you continue community outreach efforts with people at risk while maintaining cautious measures imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic? A question that many companies and individuals have been struggling with over the last six months. Under the complex conditions brought by COVID-19, NTC has maintained our community outreach efforts in the face of the […]

Human Resources: Embracing the Challenges During a Pandemic

Many organizations have struggled and continue to do so during these unusual times. There are some organizations that have not only survived but have flourished using the key combination of flexibility, innovation, and a little bit of luck. I am eager to share our own lessons learned while navigating this challenging journey. First and foremost, […]

How Long Will Rates be so Low?

Featured in REI-Inks Magazine On March 15, 2020, in the wake of the corona virus pandemic, the Federal Reserve cut the Fed funds rate to 0.25%. This reflects the rate at which commercial banks lend reserves to each other overnight, on an uncollateralized basis. The Fed’s goal is to encourage growth and spending. As the […]

Corporate Security, a Peek Behind the Curtain

At the risk of alienating myself from my cyber and information security peers, I want to give you a glimpse into the mind of a ‘security guy.’ This article may lead to a better understanding and adoption of security initiatives within your organization. This will also provide some insider information regarding the nefarious Security Team. First […]


In December 2019, Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) introduced a solution designed specifically for financial institutions involved in residential mortgage dealing with mortgage-related documents. PerfectDocs was the latest tool to be made available through NTC’s web-based client portal, PortalLink. With the release of the new product, NTC incorporated nearly thirty-years of its own experience and […]

Selling and Delivering as a Business Partner in Today’s Market

The residential mortgage industry has seen some significant changes over the past few months, and we are left to adapt to a new norm, once again. The COVID-19 crisis has been a stress test, of which, I believe, companies operating here have passed, particularly mortgage servicers. That may be because the mortgage servicing industry has […]

Real Estates Short Hot Summer

Featured in REI-Inks Magazine Spring is a home-buying season. However, the 2020 season had a false start. 2020 started with new and existing home sales at a 12-year high. In late February to early March, mortgage applications were up, and the market looked optimistic. Then COVID-19 hit, and the U.S. sheltered in place. Open houses […]

NTC -Whitepapers

NTC’S WHITEPAPERS Over the last three decades, NTC’s team of subject-matter experts have written several whitepapers on best practices and outlined industry demands. The topics range from mortgage servicing, mortgage lending and expands into capital markets. Download your copy of NTC’s whitepaper today! INSIDE NTC’S TRAINING PARADIGM: WORKFORCE TRAINING  BEST PRACTICES FOR PARTNERING WITH A […]