Assignment Verification Reports


For each loan, NTC’s research department performs a thorough search of current land records, reviews the findings and provides a report on the subject mortgage, including all applicable recorded documents in the assignment chain as well as the determined current lender of record. The report will also specify whether the mortgage was released or foreclosed upon. Any problems found with the assignment(s) in the chain will be noted on this report.
Using NTC’s Assignment Verification Report (AVR) in conjunction with loan transfers means NTC will confirm credibility of existing images on a sampling basis. This review identifies the need to complete AVRs on all, or a specified group, of loans by comparing land records to the images that exist in the client’s repository. For loans in default, it is highly recommended that the AVR be completed on all loans to ensure good standing and/or remediate issues prior to first legal. The AVR is completed using current land records because the information is critical in making life of loan decisions overall.


  • Mortgage information (loan amount, original beneficiary, original trustee, mortgagor/ mortgagee vesting, mortgage date, recorded date and recording info).
  • Each assignment on record for the target mortgage (including assignee, assignor, recorded date and recording info).
  • Any lost assignment affidavits (LAA) indexed and found against that mortgage.
  • Any corrective assignments recorded in the mortgage chain.
  • Any recorded RESCISSION’S that pertain to any assignments or releases of the subject mortgage that are indexed and found against that mortgage.
  • If found that the property has obviously been released this is reported along with the pertinent document.
  • A designation of the assignment chain as either “clear” or “not clear”.
Need document images only? A shorter version of this report, called the Assignment Verification XPress (AVX), is also available with a faster turn time and a lower price. It contains everything an AVR does without the keyed report. Either report can be ordered in bulk, or singly online for residential properties nationwide with no order minimum.

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